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CHIARA AGOSTINI Hospitality Manager


One of the key people in the team and the first face that many guest see when they arrive at our paddock home, Chiara Agostini is the squad’s hospitality manager. Responsible not only for ensuring our partners and guests have a ball when they come to visit, she's also helping to keep the team fed, happy and relaxed when they’re on the road. One of the longest-serving members of the team, here’s her story.

How did you start in motorcycle racing?

“It’s a bit of a strange story since I didn’t even know that you could have such an exciting job until 2013 when coming back from a year spent in Australia I met a lady on the flight back home who owned a catering company in SBK. I immediately fell in love with the idea of trying that kind of job and the lifestyle that distinguishes it; I had the feeling I would have loved it. And I was right, of course!”

Which other teams have you worked with?

“When I first started I was employed by a company who provided catering services for different teams and they assigned me to RW Racing Team, which back then had Ana Carrasco and Scott Deroue as riders in the Moto3 class. I admit I was excited as much as I was scared, but it took me just a few days to realize there was no need; the team was lovely and Jarno (Jannsen, RW’s team manager) made me feel like I was part of it from the first day. I still remember my first year very fondly.”

What was the appeal of joining Petronas SRT?

“It was my second year in the paddock when I started working with Stiggy, I’ve been with the team for five years, but always employed from an external catering company. When he asked me if I would have liked to join PETRONAS SRT as the hospitality manager, that was the most exciting thing ever! Not only work for the team but to actually travel together with all its members and being fully part of it is just a totally different world!”

What’s your favourite part of the job?

“I work in the hospitality, the ‘home’ of the team, the place where the crews can have some rest and nice food in between sessions and where all our guests and partners come to relax and enjoy their paddock experience. I just love the job, to make people feel at home and welcome in our nice hospitality makes me feel happy too! I think my favourite part of the day is dinner time, though, when there’s no rush then and the whole team reunites to have a nice meal and share the highlights of the day. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed and it just gives you that warm family vibe.”

What is the team like to work with?

“I wouldn’t call it a team, I would call it a family! I’ve been together with the Moto2 and Moto3 crews since 2015, having so much fun and sharing so many memories together that now I couldn’t do without that crazy lot. This year the team grew bigger and the MotoGP team joined us. I don’t think it took more than a couple of races for them to become family too because they are all the nicest people to work with. That’s why I don’t like winters any more - I spend my time waiting for the next season to start again!”

What’s your best memory working with Petronas SRT?

“This is really the most difficult question because there are so many good, exciting and fun memories with the team I would not know where to start from. For sure I could not pick only one, there’s at least one per race! I do remember a nice crazy Mexican party dinner we had at Motorland Aragon in 2016, where RW Racing also joined us and it was unforgettable. But this year, the whole thing has been so amazing it’s impossible to isolate a specific event! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2020 has in store for us!”

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