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CYRIL FRANCIS Head of Marketing, Partnerships & Hospitality

One of the team’s management team

Head of Marketing, Partnerships & Hospitality Cyril Francis brings a huge wealth of experience to the squad. Previously working for some of the biggest brands in both F1 and MotoGP, the Malaysian is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ensuring our partners and guests have a great time working with PETRONAS Sepang Racing Team.

How did you start in motorcycle racing?

“I started working in motorsports back in 1999, working with the first Malaysian F1 Grand Prix. The advertising agency I worked for back then work with PETRONAS, and that was my route in. I didn’t come in as a traditional motorsports fan!”


Which other teams have you worked with?

“In MotoGP I’ve worked with brands like Phillip Morris and Yamaha, but before that in F1 we worked with seven or eight different brands. I’ve covered many different teams through being associated with their partners.”


What was the appeal of joining Petronas SRT?

“It’s a dream for any Malaysian to be a part of this team. That’s the first thing that drew me to it. I want to be a part of a Malaysian team growing and excelling in the sport. I’ve known Dato’ Razlan since that first F1 race in 1999 and I know Stiggy from when he was a Caterham partner, so they asked me to join to help set their marketing and hospitality operating procedures and to ensure the team grows bigger and bolder.”


What’s your favourite part of the job?

“I love meeting people, and when my role consists of making sure that all our guests and sponsors have a great experience I get to meet a lot of them. From when they drive until they leave I have to ensure they have a great weekend and I love doing it.”


What is the team like to work with?

“Working with 13 different nationalities is great fun, because they way we integrate is fantastic. We all come from different cultures but it’s a great experience.”


What’s your best memory working with Petronas SRT?

“The first podium for Fabio - I never imagined that would be possible this year.”

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