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Fabio Quartararo: My First…

That first time on a bike is one that isn’t easily forgotten. It’s the moment in time when you know that, as soon as you can, you’re going to be riding them. For some, it signals the start of a career in motorcycle racing.

We caught up with each of our riders to find out what their first biking memory was and learnt about some of their other biking firsts. In the final one of the series PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team’s Fabio Quartararo reveals his biking firsts…


First Biking Memory…

My first biking memory is from when I was four years old and it was in wet conditions that I first rode. My Dad actually told me that I needed to go slow because of the rain! In three laps I crashed three times in the same place and destroyed my bike! But it is a really good memory for me from my childhood.


First Race…

My first race was actually at that same track in France where I rode for the first time when I was four years old in the wet.


First Podium…

My first podium was when I was four years old but what I think of as my ‘real’ first podium (that I remember) was in the Spanish championship when I won in the wet conditions. We actually rode with slick tyres on the bike! Having my first podium in this championship as a victory was amazing because it was my first year in the Spanish championship and I was seven years old.


First Time on the PETRONAS Yamaha SRT bike…

This is one day in my life that I will always remember! It was in Valencia at the test and was the first time I had ridden the MotoGP bike, the Yamaha YZR-M1. This is one of the best memories in my life, and a really unique one too.


First Racing Hero…

In motorsport I have two idols, examples to follow, and that is Valentino [Rossi] and Lewis [Hamilton]. I’m very lucky because I can say that I have a good relationship with them. I have learnt many things from them and give me motivation. Of course Lewis is in a different sport, but even so I can see the way he approaches races and how strong he is mentally. Valentino has been my hero since I was a child, I grew up watching him race and now to be racing against him in MotoGP is really special for me.


First Racing Rivalry…

My first rivalry was with Aaron España when I was eight years old. He was a really strong rival and it lasted for three years! But then he stopped racing and I moved up a category so our rivalry ended. I don’t really have a relationship with him anymore but of course if I saw him I would be so happy to hang out with him and have fun.


First Racing Friendship…

Out of the people that I’m friends with now that I’ve known from my early years racing, one of the first I met was Arón Canet. I met him when I was seven years old and was talking with my hands because I didn’t know how to speak Spanish! Of course, I have a good relationship with others from when I was racing as a child and actually last year I rode some motocross with someone I had raced against when I was six or seven years old. That was a really good day. 

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